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for the Future

28 July - 28 August 2017
Old College Quad

What letter would your future self send back in time to you? How would they advise you, warn you, inspire you?

Inspired by Letters Live, and working with the International Festival, young people from Edinburgh imagine letters they might receive from their older selves – and how they might shape the future. The results are funny, secretive, ambitious, self-conscious – and give a candid insight into the teenage psyche.

Experience their hopes and dreams in this moving exhibition, as the letters are transformed into exquisite artworks through cyanotype, an early form of blueprinting.

The exhibition is open every day 28 July - 28 August except Saturdays & Sundays


Old College Quad

Old College Quad
South Bridge



This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book.

The 2018 International Festival will be available to browse online in the spring.